Recommended combat levels: 15 and higher

"Show them what happens to traitors!!"

In front of the Coronet capitol stands a CorSec agent (/way -202 -4503) who is very angry. His former partner has joined the Rogue CorSec, and taken a cache of weapons with him.

If you speak with him, he asks you if you would "show them what happens to traitors" by infiltrating their base and destroying as much as you can. He gives the you location of the Rogue Corsec Base POI, which is guarded by Rogue CorSec (CL32-36).

If you travel to the area, you get the message "You have arrived at the area you were sent to" but nothing else happens. This quest is intended to make you aware of the location, and nothing more. Visiting the base gives you a location badge.

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