Level: 38


  • 16670 xp
  • 19021 credits


Lieutenant Cope's next mission is an old problem: someone is smuggling highly addictive ryll spice into Kor Vella, and you need to find the source. It's time to become a vice cop! He gives you the name of his contact, a Gran named Menchi Lerann (-3467 3024). Lerann is happy to help you, his supplier is Vuul Sarlin, but you'll have to talk to Jaylon Giessler first (-3324 3411). He isn't too keen to speak with you, so enter his warehouse and destroy eight crates of his ryll. That might loosten his tongue.

/way purple -3325 3387 Crate 1;
/way purple -3337 3386 Crate 2;
/way purple -3329 3384 Crate 3;
/way purple -3336 3374 Crate 4;
/way purple -3320 3375 Crate 5;
/way purple -3326 3386 Crate 6;
/way purple -3328 3385 Crate 7;
/way purple -3335 3375 Crate 8;

Once you've wasted his ryll, Jaylon is happy to tell you where Vuul is. He gives you the location of Vuul's camp, outside town (-2955 3397). Go to the camp and rough up twelve of Vuul's guards (CL38). This gets Vuul's attention. He tells you he wants no trouble, and tells you the person at the hideout you need to see is LaDonna Poe (-2237 3303) - but she will die before she tells you a thing. Looks like a fight. Vuul asks you to purge his name from the records in the ryll smuggling ring, and offers it as a side quest:

Just before you reach the Ryll Smuggler Bunker, about 100m from it, Olivia Bain (-2328, 18, 3282) will give you the quest:

Once you reach the hideout, Poe (CL37) attacks you. When she is dead, take her access card and enter the hideout. You have several tasks here:

  • Defeat 19 Ryll Smugglers (CL38-39)
  • Access the smuggler's mainframe (-2137 3298)
  • Destroy seven crates of unrefined ryll
/way white -2137 3298 Mainframe;
/way purple -2217 3306 Crate 1 (outside);
/way orange -2125 3344 Crate 2;
/way orange -2143 3399 Crate 3;
/way orange -2133 3393 Crate 4;
/way orange -2126 3400 Crate 5;
/way orange -2108 3294 Crate 6;
/way orange -2135 3314 Crate 7;

When you access the mainframe, you find nothing - not one thing. At the same time, Lt. Cope contacts you, telling you that something terrible has happened. Report back to him at once!

Next: CorSec Case Files: The Unlucky Mayor

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