Level: 38


  • 19,001 credits
  • 16,670 quest xp


Major Alana Walden ( /way -5150 -2361 ) in Tyrena tells you that a Corellian Medal of Honor has been stolen from a retired CorSec officer. She has leads, and needs you to follow up on it, based on your reputation for effectiveness. Go and speak with Lt. Col. Wilfred Quelsh ( /way -5100 -2443 ) to ask him about his stolen medal.

He has little information for you - speak to his aide de camp Ebdr, right next to him, for some help. He says he saw some thugs known as Braggan's Fist hanging about the house lately, and suggests you ask them if they know anything about it. Of course, thug gangs don't liked to be asked anything, so you will have to enter "aggressive negotiations" with them (CL38). Once you have killed 11 of them (they can be found around /way -5281 -2379 ) you learn that their leader, Karl Braggan, has been missing of late. You also learn the location of their camp, perhaps you should visit it ( /way -5289 -2024 ).

On the way, talk to Sgt. Sola Hus ( /way -5300 -2080 ) for the quest Recovering Stolen Goods.

A search of the camp reveals Karl Braggan's datapad, with his current location on it (he is in hiding but his men still are able to contact him). Go to the location and confront Braggan. His camp is in a ravine not far away - and so are his mortal remains! Once you search his camp, you find the medal, and Braggan's journal. The journal offers proof that it was Quelsh who broke CorSec regulations and framed Braggan for the crime. You should return to Tyrena with this information.

Confront Quelsh with this evidence and see what he has to say. He admits to killing Braggan himself, accidentally. Report to Maj. Walden. She thanks you for your help and gives you your reward.

Next: CorSec Case Files: Assault and Battery

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