Level: 38


  • 16670 xp
  • 19021 credits


Maj. Walden asks you to travel to Kor Vella and speak with Lt. Lon Cope there (-3102 2800). The mayor has just survived an assassination attempt, and you are just the person to get to the bottom of the mystery (the starport is the closest port to Lt. Cope).

Note: Kor Vella is heavily guarded by Imperial troops; Rebel faction players should consider going on leave before entering the city.

Cope tells you that Mayor Deel Draav narrowly escaped death, and the best thing to do is to start by speaking with him. Go see him in his office (-3623 3127). He says that he has been getting progressively more aggressive threats on his life lately. Use the mayor's terminal to trace the source of the threats, and then head out (-3646 2870). The source is a secret Abandoned Bunker about 260m away. Enter it and search it.

Inside the bunker is a Mon Calamari named Lejo Daramus. He says he has been looking for a remote place to do his research, but that this abandoned bunker is overrun with creatures. He offers a side quest to clear it for him:

At the very bottom of the bunker is a transmitter (-3654 2843). Deactivate it, and examine a bit of paper next to the device. The name on the letterhead, Hershel Sheridan, was the mayor's adversary in a closely-fought recent election. This could be the clue you need to unravel the mystery. Go confront Sheridan with the evidence (-3073 2995). When you get to his office, however, you find him dead. This complicates matters. It certainly looks like suicide, plain and simple. Return to Lt. Cope and report your findings for your reward.

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