Level: 38


  • 16670 xp
  • 19457credits


Lt. Cope is sorry to pull you off of the ryll case, but there has been a terrible development: Mayor Draav is dead! This time, the assassin was successful, and must be captured at all costs. He suggests you return to Sheridan's and start looking there (-3073 2995).

Once you take a closer look at Sheridan's place, you see you overlooked something: his pistol has no power cell. Either someone removed it, or he was killed by another weapon. Your only clue is the small card with the Red Circle on it. Return to the mayor's office (-3623 3127) now and look there, maybe one of the packages he was sent offers a clue. In the front room of his office, you find a package with a datadisk of credits, and a note promising the mayor more if he does as he is told. Take this to Lt. Cope and see what CorSec might know about it.

He says that CorSec does know about a Red Circle; they have found a gang that uses it as a symbol. Their base is protected, and you will need an access code for their mainframe computer to enter their base safely. To get one, go back to the ryll hideout (-2237 3303) . That base has been linked to the Red Circle, and if you take down their leader Ubis Reendorr (-2258 3374), you will surely find a code to the Red Circle computer.

/way purple -2258 3374 Ubis Reendorr;

Once Reendorr is dead, you have access to the Red Circle base (-2274 2682). When you arrive, you have a few tasks:

  • Kill 14 Red Circle Guards (CL38)
  • Access the mainframe (-2286 2665)

Accessing the mainframe opens up the whole thing. The Red Circle is also known as the Chirq Council, a group who is trying to take over all criminal activity on Corellia. Their base is Doaba Guerfel, and have cells all over Corellia. Your job now is to find and kill the leaders of the Kor Vella cell, found here at the base:

/way white -2286 2665 Mainframe;
/way orange -2275 2752 Vora Anjek;
/way orange -2284 2744 Vella Corse;
/way orange -2273 2742 Annor Fash;

These leaders were no doubt involved in the mayor's death. Return to Lt. Cope to complete the mission and get your reward.

Next: Speak with Captain Baize

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