Coronet is the capital city of Corellia and, in many ways, the center of the entire Corellian system. Often referred to as the "Jewel of Corellia," Coronet City is a bustling, urban metropolis. Although Coronet is certainly among the galaxy's most advanced cities, it is not without its problems. Roving gangs of thugs threaten visitors in some areas of the city, and the local government is dominated by corrupt Imperial officials. Corellia is also home to both Imperial and Rebel agents, and clashes between these two groups occasionally spill into Coronet's otherwise peaceful streets.

Coronet was arguably the most populous city in SWG; at any time you were be able to find other players nearby, especially around the starport. During the time of the Doc Buff, Coronet was also a likely place to get a buff. The city is not a stronghold, so the patrolling NPC forces can switch between Imperial and Rebel, depending on who controls the planet.

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Coronet, Corellia


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Located on the larger of the two continents, near the eastern ocean, Coronet attracts entrepreneurs, merchants, and tourists from all five of the Corellian worlds, along with a great many visitors from beyond the system.

Coronet has a number of important landmarks and interesting sites, but it is probably best known for its park land and abundant open space. The city also offers advanced technological facilities, including the Coronet Medcenter which specializes in experimental medical treatments.

The weather usually consists of warm days with a lot of sunshine, yet severe rainstorms are also a common occurrence.