The secret bunker

Level: 33


  • 12780 xp


On an island off the southern shore of Corellia is a secret bunker (217 -7065) - your destination. When you arrive, Lt. Joth sends you a message telling you that he cannot scan the building for any records. Not a good thing. You will have to enter the bunker and get the security codes from the guards. Kill Security Officers (CL34) until you find the security password.

Inside the bunker on the first level is a Mon Calamari named Jeridel who gives a side quest related to her brother, a Creature Handler missing on the third level of the bunker. The quest is Missing Brother.

Once you have the code, you must retrieve the information from the administrative terminals, located at (262 -7102). After you have searched four of them, your journal updates and the mission completes.

/way purple 259 -7099 admin terminal 1;
/way purple 259 -7106 admin terminal 2;
/way purple 265 -7105 admin terminal 3;
/way purple 266 -7099 admin terminal 4;

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