Recommended combat levels: 30 and higher


The work of Meatlumps....


  • 10765 Quest XP
  • 10258 credits


Previous: Reacquire the Missing Starship Component Shipment

The lieutenant will send you to report to Jesseb Convorr [ /wp corellia -65 -4681 Jesseb Convorr ]. He will send you to Finn Shallo [ /wp corellia -175 -4445 Finn Shallo ] to look into vandalism, possibly caused by the Meatlumps. Find them, and end their troublemaking

  • kill 6 Meatlumps (around CL29), found on the edge of the city [ /wp -43 -5022 Meat Lumps ], you will have to search, the spawn is random. NOTE: If you are over CL29-30, the Meatlumps will be approximately your level. If you are a veteran expecting to find these to be easy kills, come prepared.

After killing the 6, you get a cryptic message about the Meatlumps being blamed for the vandalised terminals. Return to Finn to complete the quest.

Next: Coronet Starport Vandalism (Ragtags)

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