Recommended combat levels: 1 and higher


Dealing with Demmi


  • 10765 Quest XP
  • 10258 credits

<< Previous Quest: Coronet Starport Vandalism (Meatlumps)

You are to report to an ex-ragtag, called Demmi Wot at /wp -452 -4467. Demmi sends you into space, to destroy 2 groups of Ragtags in space:

  • Group One - 3 Tier 1 Ragtag fighters, 1 Tier 2 Ragtag fighter
  • Group Two - 4 Tier 2 fighters

Once destroyed, return home to Demmi. Demmi will send you to Jesseb Convorr at /wp -65 -4681 and Jesseb will send you back to Lt Jasper to complete the Quest.

Following Quest: Help Farmer Pol Handerin >>

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