A crashsite outside Tyrena

Level: 35


  • 14255xp
  • 10000 credits


Sinis tells you that he has been expecting a shipment of rare and irreplaceable medical supplies, but has just learned that the ship crashed not far from Tyrena. He wants you to investigate he crash and see what you can learn about the accident.

The crash site (-4284 -2566) is crawling with Deflarian Scavengers (CL34), and Sinis asks you to rough up a few, to find out what they know. Kill the scavengers until you find one with the flight recorder. Sinis is worried that the Deflarians would salvage the flight recorder, and he asks you to take it to his friend Yorick (-5197 -2273) for decoding.

Yorick is confused - the flight recorder has been modified, it might not even be from the right ship. Sinis has had enough, and gives you the location of a Deflarian communications depot (-5956 -2375) where he is sure you can find some answers.

When you arrive at the depot, kill guards (CL35) until you collect 6 data cards, and then use the terminal in the depot. The information on the terminal leads you to another Deflarian camp (-6153 -2834), further away, which is the source of many transmissions concerning smuggling operations for the Deflarians. Once you find the camp, you must kill the leaders and find the missing medical equipment:

  • Deflarian lieutenant (CL36)
  • Deflarian enforcers (CL36)

The missing medical supplies (there are 3 of them) are in the tents in the camp. Once the Deflarians are dead and the supplies are recovered, return to Sinis, who thanks you for your help.

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