Crimson Phoenix Squadron is one of three squadrons that Alliance Starfighter Pilots can join.

Squadron Trainers Edit

Tier 1: Commander Da'la Socuna, Mos Espa, Tatooine Back room of Cantina (-3000, 2202)
Tier 2: Major Eker, Labor Outpost, Yavin IV Medical Center (-6966, -5658)
Tier 3: Arnecio Ulvaw'op, Science Outpost, Dathomir Cantina (-115, -1580)
Tier 4: General Ufwol, Rebel Outpost, Rori Cantina (3690 -6464)
Tier 5: Admiral Wilhelm Burke, Doaba Guerfel, Corellia Hotel (3083, 5202)

This is pretty much the front line squadron, doing this squadron is recommended for experienced players. Towards the end, expect lots and lots of TIEs in the missions.

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