Level: 41


  • 27170 XP
  • 4400 Credits


Dathnaeya Loessin

Dathnaeya Loessin

This is a Level quest and is part of the Legacy Quest. You begin by speaking with Dathnaeya Loessin, a Corellian Security Force officer in Dearic on Talus. She needs your help to decide which side of the war she should join. Once you agree to help you she sends you to both Capt. Quellium of the Rebellion and Col. Ekirk of the Empire.

You can talk to either one first. But once you talk to either, they send you on a quest. You have to complete both missions given by the quest givers to finish this quest. Both quest lines can be in your log at the same time, although one is very far away from the other.

Talking to Capt. Quellium starts the quest:

Talking to Col. Ekirk starts the quest:

Once you have done both sides of report back to Dathnaeya Loessin. What faction you convince her to join does not matter, and the quest completes.

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