Chief Kerritamba

Chief Kerritamba

To be able to start this quest, you must finish Search for the Cure: Part II.

Chief Kerritamba has thinks he has found the cure for the forest. But, once again, he needs your help.

Level: 35


Recommended combat levels: 35 and higher

Conversation with Chief KerritambaEdit

Chief Kerritamba: Finally... (Chief Kerritamba opens his hands. You can see a mystical vial.) The cure. We must apply it to the roots of the Great Tree and hope it will extinguish the evil from it.
PC: What's the story behind the Great Tree?
Chief Kerritamba: The Great Tree provided us with great shelter during our darkest hour. From the vantage point of the Great Tree, we were able to fend off the advances of the Varactyl creatures hoping to destroy us. We were able to drive them out of the Kkowir Forest. This was a long time ago...
PC: I see that the Great Tree is important to you and your people.
Chief Kerritamba: Indeed. It is a vigil in our lives and serves as a beacon of the victory we shared in that time.
PC: The cure...
Chief Kerritamba: Yes, yes of course! Please, give this to the Great Tree. Let us hope it works.
PC: I'll do it.
Chief Kerritamba: It should be an easy journey. We guard the Great Tree well.


Use the cure on the Great Tree and instill hope in the people of Kerritamba village.

Note: If you would like to keep the Elixir you can put it in your house and go back to the Chief. He will give you another one. Can not be traded just used for decoration in your house.

Curing the Great TreeEdit

You can find the Great Tree (/way -51 124) on the island just North of the village. Unfortunately, you cannot just walk straight up the hill, so you need to follow the winding path up the hill or glitch up the side at /way -61 150. Once you get to the Great Tree, use the "~" menu to administer the medicine.

The Great Tree begins to transform...

The tree will grow green and lush again. Head back to Chief Kerritamba.

Notes : Additionally the Great Tree is so big that the radial menu can be used from the bottom of the hill...

Chief Kerritamba: My friend... (Chief Kerritamba smiles kindly.) You cured the Great Tree. Now, we can finally focus our efforts into helping the forest return to its beautiful vitality once more. There is no end to our gratitude.
PC: I was glad to be of help.
Chief Kerritamba: You did more than just help. You saved our forest! You're a hero in our eyes now. Please take this a gift of our gratitude.

Next time you speak to Chief Kerritamba, he will give you the quest The Sayormi.

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