DE-10 Pistol is a type of pistol. DE-10 Pistol barrels are looted from Death Watch NPCs in the DWB, and are used in the crafting of DE-10 Pistols. These are made from a looted schematic, from Black Sun and Death Watch NPCs or from loot bins. As of Chapter 3.7 DE-10 Pistol barrels are dropping once more with serials, so newly looted barrels can be used in the crafting. For a while DE-10 Pistol barrels were dropping without serials, thus making them un-usable in the crafting of a DE-10. If you have one of these barrels, Customer Services will trade you it for a barrel that has a serial number.

Schematic infoEdit

DE-10 Pistol
Schematic information

Trader (Munitions)


Loot schematic


Munition Essentials II (level 22)

Item type




Crafting tool

Weapon, Droid, and General Item Crafting Tool

Crafting station

Weapon, Droid, and General Item Crafting Station

Assembly information
Appearance Max Damage Modifier
  • Max Damage Modified
    • Overall quality: 66%
    • Shock Resistance: 33%
Appearance Min Damage Modifier
  • Min Damage Modifier
    • Overall quality: 66%
    • Shock Resistance: 33%
Manufactory information

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