a coterie of dark side force users originally founded as a splinter cult of the Sith. They later returned to galactic consciousness to serve the Sith Order during the reign of the Galactic Empire.

They acted as assistants in the Emperor's secretive Force research, and slowly helped him establish the model of a dark side theocracy he intended to implement one day. Their primary duty however was to make predictions through the dark side of the Force in order to help guide the Emperor's decisions.

Palpatine primarily relied on his own predictions, using the Prophets to double-check his predictions' accuracy and ensure that he missed nothing. The many areas the Prophets' prophecies touched upon and the prophecies' general accuracy meant that their power was pervasive; while the average Imperial citizen knew of them at the absolute most by faint rumor, they had great influence over the affairs of the Galactic Empire.

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