Recommended combat levels: 5 and higher


  • 40 Credits
  • 10 Imperial Faction Points
  • No XP Given

WARNING: While this quest can easily be completed at level five, the various other wildlife on Yavin IV may kill any low levels with great ease. If you attempt to do this quest as a low-level, do so with caution.

Imperial Only QuestEdit

This is an Imperial only quest. No matter if you are a Rebel on leave, you must be Imperial aligned and an Imperial Combatant in order for the quest starter to talk to you. To start the quest speak to Sgt. Ruwan Tokai inside the Massassi Temple on Yavin IV (-3038 -2960). He will tell you that he needs a piece of equipment delivered to a Warrant Officer. Should you say "Yes", a Death Star Fragment will be put in your inventory. You will also receive a waypoint to the Warrant Officer. Head there now.

Note: It is possible to keep the Death Star fragment and still complete the quest. When you first receive the item, put it in a pack and then talk to Tokai and tell him "I don't want this mission right now". Then talk to him again and simply restart the quest. This will land you two Death Star fragments, one for you to keep that is safely in your pack, the other to give to the Warrant Officer. You can obtain as many fragments as you want. However, the Warrant Officer takes all fragments that are not in your pack. So if you want to keep a fragment, put it in a pack.

The Warrant OfficerEdit

About 50m from the Warrant Officer, two CL 5 Thugs will spawn and attack you. Kill them and talk to the Warrant Officer. He will say that all salvage from the Death Star is a classified secret and that they will have to look into Ruwan Tokai's clearances. You will get a waypoint back to Tokai. Talk to him to complete the quest.

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