Recommended combat levels: 40 and higher

Level: 39


  • 12660 xp
  • 15569 credits


CorSec agent Chun Solso at (3922 4829) has staked out the Chirq Council bunker near Doaba Guerfel on Corellia, and needs someone to enter the bunker and kill the sub-councilors in charge. Enter the bunker and search for the following:

  • Defeat Tettsel Anker CL41 at (4107 4962) inside the bunker.
  • Defeat Dain Pax CL41 at (4031 4831) OUTSIDE of the bunker.
/way white 4107 4962 Tettsel Anker;
/way white 4031 4831 Dain Pax (outside);

Once these are dead, return to Chun to end the mission and claim your reward.

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