Level: 35


  • 14255xp
  • 13000 credits


Inspector Cora tells you that she has a theory - Donovan's ship was hijacked, and the one crashed on the beach is a decoy to hide the trail of the hijackers. Cora has located a location she thinks is the missing ship - go check it out.

The location is, in fact, Donovan's ship - /wp -4425 -2047 - and once you arrive, he contacts you and asks you to secure the ship; he is sending a squad of troopers to fly it back to Tyrena. Kill 8 security guards (CL37) and 5 mechanics (CL36), that should do it until the guard arrives.

Once that is done, Donovan needs you to kill the leaders of the Deflarians to make sure they don't try something like this again. He also needs you to recover the weapons caches they have stored away. Defeat 4 Deflaros bodyguards (CL37) and Deflaros, the leader of the gang (CL38). Then find the weapons containers - they are scattered around the camp and close to the captured shuttle. Once all this is finished, return to Cora.

/way purple -4417 -2027 Weapons Container;
/way purple -4427 -2016 Weapons Container;
/way purple -4401 -2074 Weapons Container;
/way purple -4405 -2070 Weapons Container;
/way purple -4410 -2073 Weapons Container;

Next: Talk to Captain Jark

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