This page is dedicated to the developers and their occasional sense of humor. The following mobs were spawned at one time or another by the developers (they do not normally appear in-game) and consist of variations on already available models. Please feel free to add to this page if you know about anything that isn't already listed.

Darth Vader Edit

An attackable Darth Vader variant was unleashed upon a highly successful guild during the guild raid runs at the first Star Wars Galaxies Fan Fest. The guild had until then decimated everything the developers had thrown at them; Ancient Canyon Krayt Dragons (then Natural Level 500), Nightsisters, Goraxes, Dark Jedi Masters; all the top mobs the game had to offer. The developers then spawned Vader, and the entire guild was obliterated in seconds.

Giant Ewok Edit

This exceptionally large Ewok was spawned in starports on April 1 a few years ago as fun albeit bizarre April Fool's Day content.

Giant Kreetle Edit

This CL: 500 Kreetle was spawned during initial test runs of the Combat Upgrade to test the new battle system.

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