A secluded home in a mountain valley

Level: 36


  • 15030xp


The occupant of the mountain house, Jareck Arned, likes to keep to himself, but claims to know nothing about the missing hikers. He agrees to provide his fingerprints and says you can look around the place, but Talte contacts you and says that that is not necessarily a sign of innocence. He suggests you look around the house for anything that might seem out of place - particularly items that might have belonged to the lost hikers.

As a matter of fact, there are some odd items in the house:

  • a throw cushion from Kuat (3970 6091)
  • a Jawa idol (3959 6097)
  • a rare sculpture (3959 6097)
  • a Corellian corvette hologram (3965 6096)

You take images of these, and Talte contacts you to say that he will ask Angela if any of them are familiar to her. Meanwhile, he asks you to talk to the hermit until he can get back to you.

Next: Disappearances: Judgement

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