Level: 36


  • 15030xp


When you arrive at the location Talte gave you (3641 6637)it is overrun with hunters (CL36) who remained behind to cover the tracks. It looks as if things will get violent after all.... Kill 5 hunters and you will find a communicator. Talte contacts you and says that there are antennae in the area which, if you activate them, can be used to track the origin of the signal from the communicator, and possibly find out who is behind these attacks. Travel to the antennae and activate them.

  • Antenna 1 (3965 6404)
  • Antenna 2 (3947 6622)
  • Antenna 3 (4123 6650)

Once all three are activated, Talte is able to triangulate the signal and give you an exact location (3868 6504) - a cave. When you arrive, kill the Psychotic Cave Dweller guards (C37) and enter the cave.

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