Angela's husband is missing....

Level: 35


  • 14255xp


The Commander tells you that there have been unexplained disappearances in the mountains of late - with no witnesses, strangely enough. He tells you that the wife of one the lately missing men, named Angela, lives nearby and can give you some information. You should go to see her (3166 4989).

Angela says that the best hiking around is up in these mountains, and since they live in Coronet they decided to visit. She doesn't have a route for her husband's trek, but she does know their basecamp location. You should begin your search there (3871 5626).

At the basecamp you find Myron Beech, who tells you that there are no tours going out today. Once you explain to him that this is a business visit, he quickly gives you three waypoints along the trail the lost party should have taken. He thinks the best thing you can do is trace their steps and hopefully find out more.

At the first stop (3904 5761) you find a Discarded Image Recorder. One of the men on the recorder resembles Angela's husband.

At the second stop (3934 5848) you see signs of the party, but find nothing helpful.

At the final stop along the trail (4087 5912) you discover a discarded camp with a Broken Communicator and drag marks of some kind, as if there was a struggle. There seems to be a house nearby; perhaps there are clues to be found there.

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