Level: 36



While Commander Talte investigates the items you have found, you speak with Arned. The hermit defends his owning such items, saying that he makes quite a lot of money and trades for them, and that not living in the city doesn't mean he has no style.

Talte gets back to you - Angela does not recognize any of the items, but the CorSec database has listings of several of them, and they are in fact connected with kidnappings, which are soon going to trial. He asks you to try to get more information out of Arned.

When you tell him that some of the art is connected with kidnappings, he seems genuinely shocked. He tells you that he bought most of the items from a travelling craftsman, but that one of them he found recently in the mountains, which was in two pieces. He happily gives you the location of the other piece, which he did not keep. This is the spot (3880 6213) where he met with the traders recently. When you arrive, you find a bit of broken art, with bloody fingerprints that do not match the hermit's.

Commander Talte contacts you - you've been chasing a dead lead, and another group has vanished! He uploads the location and tells you to rush there at once.

Next: Disappearances: Finding the Culprits

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