Level: 36


  • 15030xp
  • Angela's Meat Pie (20 Minute, 70 Point Constitution Buff)


Talte tells you that he has received a signal from the cave - the kidnappers know that they are discovered, and have threatened to kill the captives. He tells you to save them at any costs.

The cave is guarded by Psychotic Cave Dwellers (CL37) who have rigged barrier fields around the captive's cages. Kill the cavemen until you find the key to unlock the cages with the terminals found at:

/way purple 3699 6487 Cage 1
/way purple 3778 6441 Cage 2
/way purple 3661 6450 Cage 3

Angela's husband Ilyamo is in the third cage; speak to him once you have opened all the cages.

Next: Disappearances: Final Reckoning

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