Lieutenant Gregor

Talk to Lieutenant Gregor (5957, 5639) to take this quest.

Level: 55
Prerequisites: None
Repeatable: Yes

Destroy 5 Rebel Commandos NPCs in any area, on any planet.


The Rebels are trying to reinforce their army in Restuss with their elite troopers. Hunt down and kill 5 Rebel Commandos before they reach Restuss. Note: Only enemies designated as 'Rebel Commando' will count toward mission completion.

This quest is fairly straight-forward. All you need to do is kill 5 Rebel Commando NPCs.

The best place spawn locations is at the Abandoned Rebel Base POI on Dantooine (4 of them spawn on an hour minute timer), and on the first level of the Rryatt Trail on Kashyyyk.

- The Weapon Depot commando's doesn't count anymore.

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