Level: 28


  • 9540 Quest XP
  • 9649 credits


Vance needs you to get a ring back he lost in a game of cards. He sends you to speak with Herman Pate(4871 -1442). Unfortunately, Herman gave the ring away to pay off his own debt. So now you need to go get it back from its new owners. Go to the Mountaintop Smuggler Camp (5515 -2226) and defeat the following:

  • 11 Mountaintop Spice Runners (CL28)
  • 12 Mountaintop Smugglers (CL27)
  • Then, defeat Janelle, the Mountaintop Smuggler Chief (CL30)

Once Janelle is dead, return and speak to Vance Groten to complete the Quest.

Next: Get the Security Beacon Back from the Mercenaries

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