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A Droid Fighter

Game InfoEdit

Droid Fighters, also known as "Vulture Droid" starfighters, are NPC droid ships found in the Endor System and other high-end star system zones. They are high-speed nimble ships which carry heavy firepower, and are usually tier 3-5.There are tier 1-2 variants in the Naboo system though.

The droid fighters in the Endor System are employed by the Jillion Bolts Co. to combat the Marauder starships which loot the asteroid miners in the area. The droid ships are not picky, however, and will attack anything that wanders too close. In the Dantooine System, the Detritus Satellites use them as Droid Junk Collectors, sifting the debris in the asteroid fields and keeping an eye out for pirates.

Star Wars LoreEdit

The Variable Geometry Self-Propelled Battle Droid, Mark I, or Vulture droid starfighter, was a droid starfighter used by the Trade Federation, and later the Confederacy of Independent Systems. After the Clone Wars, many of the surviving droid starfighters found their way into criminal and corporate groups.

Like most of the Trade Federation's armed forces, it carried no living pilot, but rather a droid brain that was linked to a Droid Control Ship. Each Trade Federation battleship carried 1,500 droid starfighters. It was designed by Haor Chall Engineering, which was founded by the fanatical Xi Char, a religious order dedicated to high-precision manufacturing. As a result, it represented classic Xi-Char design—a compact body that offered only a small target for enemy fighters, multiple weapons emplacements, and an insectoid appearance.

The starfighter carried four blaster cannons and two energy torpedo launchers and could reach 1200 km/h in an planet's atmosphere. When not in flight, the ship could transform into a walking weapons platform, used for ground patrol and troop support. While in this walking mode, a droid starfighter could also latch onto surfaces in zero gravity, allowing the fighters to patrol from the outside hulls of capital ships instead of wasting energy in flight or using valuable hangar space. A droid starfighter was capable of maneuvers that would kill an organic pilot, but they lacked the resourcefulness and cunning of living pilots. Additionally, they could only function for 35 minutes before having to be refueled; Vulture droids used a unique solid-fuel engine system that burned very quickly.

Droid starfighters were launched in overwhelming numbers and excelled in both atmospheric and space combat. The droid starfighter's weapon systems consisted of 4 blaster cannons with two per wing. In standard flight format, the drone's wings were collapsed to conceal its laser cannons. In combat, these wings split up to reveal these deadly laser cannons. The laser cannons were followed by 2 energy torpedo launchers that would weaken enemy targets before the starfighter delivered a laser cannon barrage.


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