Eclipse was an official Star Wars Galaxies Server, hosted by Sony Online Entertainment. Eclipse was closed on December 15, 2011 because of the games shutdown.

Name Origin Edit

There are two possible origins for this server's name:

  • An Imperial action IV bulk freighter named Eclipse made regular trips to the planet Ando, secretly collecting unusual species of ocean life from the planet and taking them to a hidden research lab. Chief among the species collected by the Eclipse were Andoan mineral-fish, which were illegally harvested for use in extracting uridium on the barren moon of Uridia.
  • The first Eclipse-class Star Destroyer, the Eclipse was used as the flagship for the reborn Emperor Palpatine. It was destroyed when the Force storm Palpatine sent to destroy Luke Skywalker turned on Palaptine himself. The storm consumed Palpatine and eradicated the Eclipse.

Additional Information Edit

Eclipse gained reputation for crafting the first Mandalorian armor chestplate and the first jetpack in the game.

Eclipse was the unofficial European server before the launch of the Europe-servers and as such had a very large population around the clock. Even after the launch of the European servers, many Europeans remained on Eclipse making it one of the largest population server with an active population at all hours.

During the latter half of 2007 many guild's and individual players started transferring to other (more active) servers.

The Eclipse community was generally tight-knitted and well-rounded. The server relied on the community as a whole rather than guilds. The population was still not very high, but those who have remained on the server or transferred to it enjoyed it nonetheless.