One of the four elemental damage types in SWG. A weapon that deals electricity damage can land an "Electrical Critical" on your target, which increases the chance of your opponent's attacks resulting in Trivial Hits by 75%. The Ion Stunner Pistol, Jawa Ion Pistol, Trandoshan Suppressor Pistol, Heavy Particle Beam Cannon, Lightning Beam Cannon, Crusader M-XX Heavy Rifle, Heavy Lightning Rifle, Jawa Ion Rifle, Lightning Rifle, Light Lightning Cannon, Guardian Lightning Cannon, Stun Baton, Shock Lance, and Kalranoos Carbine are the only weapons currently in the game to deal electricity damage. Also, lightsabers with a specific color crystal will deal electricity damage in addition to energy damage. Most armor has equal protection for all elemental damage types, making electricity damage just as effective as cold, heat, or acid. You can quickly tell if you are being hit with electricity damage by the graphics animated on your avatar when you take damage.

Lightsaber Proc: Muscle Spasms - 75% Trivial Hit Chance Increase.

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