Level: 34


  • 17250xp
  • 2500 credits


Stregand the Bith is the owner of a rival bio-lab on Corellia and wants you to steal some blood samples for him from a secret competitor laboratory.

Travel to the lab bunker (/way 217 -7065) south of Coronet and make your way to the lowest level, where the bio-engineered creatures are kept. Stregand needs samples from 20 creatures. The lowest level is inhabited by:

  • 5 engineered durnis (CL35)
  • 5 engineered gaping spiders (CL34)
  • 5 engineered bark mites (CL35)
  • 5 engineered klikniks (CL36)
  • 5 engineered tusk cats (CL35)
  • An engineered boarwolf (CL35)
  • An engineered acklay (CL35)

Once any combination of 20 of these are killed the chemical content is transferred to Stregand, and he contacts you with your payment. Mission accomplished!

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