Event times:12pm mountain - 12am Edit

   Time to rock the boat and walk on water.

One of the oldest Guilds on the Intrepid server, Serenity' is hosting a day long city party, and you are invited! Don't miss out on the games and prizes, this is one party YOU can't afford to miss! The main event features a full-on Capture the Flag), IMPs vs REBS. But for those who fancy themselves a tad more civilized, you're welcome to attend the first ever Aletheian Home Decorating Contest, the only contest where you decide which resident takes home the prize! Fighter, crafter, man, woman, or alien! There will be something here for everyone to enjoy.

CTF - (Don't come overt pls) 12pm, 3pm, 6pm
Scavenger Hunt - 2pm, 4pm, 5pm
Planet Bike Race - 9pm
House Decor Contest - 12pm-6pm
Extra Surpises:
pvp/dueling (all day, money prizes)
lottery droids (all over the city)
Hidden treasure prizes (loots, armor)
Door Prizes (money, loots)
Fire works displays (all day)
Vendors (tons of vendors)
Live Band Feat. Musical Stylings of Fufuu Bunneh
Time zones: 12pm mountain
pacific: 11am
mountain: 12pm
central: 1pm
eastern: 2pm
atlantic: 3pm

Contacts: koloth (Serenity Guild Leader)

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