Remnants of a Camp

  • Level: 42
  • Reward: 25920 XP

You are given the waypoint for the next location used as a camp by the crew.

Find the lost crew Edit

When you get there, you'll find - surprise surprise - a bunch of giant spiders. However, these are a new type of giant spiders even bigger than the ones from the previous quest.

Kill the creatures Edit

You are now told to kill six Brood V Arachne (CL 42) and six Brood V Aurek Arachne (CL 45).

Etymology Note: "Aurek" is the first letter of the Aurebesh language used by sentient creatures in the Star Wars galaxy, seen both in the films and in the game. It is also an ancient root that means, in several languages, "Golden Haired" or "Golden Toned." It may be that the Aurek are "alpha spiders," hence their greater size and strength.

Search for clues Edit

When you've killed those nasty spiders, you have to find some clues as to the whereabouts of the crew. There's a datapad somewhere in the camp (/way 6041 7021) that will reveal that.

Track the crew Edit

Having found the datapad you are sent on a trail to find the crew. You will be ambushed by giant spiders two times and at each ambush you'll have to kill six creatures.

Destroy the creatures in the lair Edit

The trail will lead you to a cave full of giant spiders. You have to kill twelve Brood V Aureks and twelve Brood V Arachne (by now the creepiness of the spiders should be replaced with boredom).

Next: Grim Discovery

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