Tree village

An Ewok tree village

Ewok tree village

Sullustan looking at a village

The Ewoks of Endor come in at least two varieties, lake-dwellers and tree-dwellers.

The tree-dwelling Ewoks are the Panshee tribe. They have two villages in central-eastern Endor, which are well protected and heavily occupied. Visiting either of the two lake villages earns the player a POI badge.

  • Locations:
/way endor 6 -5 Ewok Tree Village #1;
/way endor -605 -4939 Ewok Tree Village #2;
  • Badges: Tree Village POI Exploration Badge
  • Type: POI
  • Special Features:
    • NPCs:
      • Panshee Warrior (CL70)
      • Panshee Tribesman (CL71)
      • Panshee Shaman (CL72)

Star Wars LoreEdit

Most Ewoks lived high among the trees of the forest moon, in villages built between the closely spaced trees. The basic design of a tree village had a "Central Village" of thatched-roof huts on the primary limbs. These huts were high enough above the ground to be out of reach from predators. Suspended bridges connected the gaps between trees, adjoining distant huts. Knotted rope ladders allowed access up or down.

In most tree cities, the village Elders ordered the largest huts built directly on the trunk of the tree. These central buildings belonged to the chief of the tribe. The chief used the largest open areas for village gatherings, meetings, council fires, and storytelling ceremonies.

Family groups kept their own dwellings in clusters on the outlying trees. Separate huts were also built for unmarried females, elders, and visitors. A sealed building was also created higher than the rest of the tree city and was used as the communities' food storage.

Bright Tree Village, where the tribe ruled by Chief Chirpa lived, was a typical example of an Ewok tree village.


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