Having sent a "message" to the Outcasts in the Business As Usual quest, now Ardon now needs you to complete another task against the Outcasts. He wants you to attack one of the highest ranking of the Outcasts, called Exemplar Zheus.

Level: 39


Recommended combat levels: 40 and higher

Ardon: (Ardon rubs his hands together.) Excellent.. Now, let's discuss out next plan of attack. The Outcasts have what us called an Exemplar. It is of the highest rankings in the Outcast society. And we--"
PC: Why do you know so much about the Outcasts?
Ardon: (Ardon sneers.) Is it wise to know your enemies, child. Now stop interrupting me! Where were we... Ah yes. The Exemplar. (Ardon clears his throat.) There's an Exemplar named Zheus. I want you to track him down and... you know.
PC: Where can I find this... Exemplar Zheus?
Ardon: You'll find him milling around here somewhere. Lately, the Kerritamba people have noticed a strange individual lurking around here these days. Be sure to bring back the Exemplar's ring.
PC: As you say, Ardon
Ardon: I approve of your attitude. Now go. Make me proud.

Ardon mentioned that a strange individual had been lurking around the Kerritamba village as of late. He suspects it to be the Exemplar Zheus, proud hero of the Outcast society. Why he's snooping around the village, no one knows. Ardon wants you to defeat him and bring back his ring. Exemplar Zheus can be found near to the Kerritamba village.

You can find the Exemplar Zheus close to the waypoint of /wp 2 215 - roaming around the area. He is a CL 39 Elite. Once you defeat him, you will receive 1200 Credits. Return to Ardon to complete the quest.

Ardon: Ahh. Well if it isn't the hero of the day. My contacts have told me about your success against the Exemplar Zheus. The Chief is pleased as well, I hear...
PC: Is he?
Ardon: Ardon smile smuggly.) Indeed. Speak with me in a moment or two. I have matters to which I must attend. Supposedly, I have a letter from Chief Kerritamba about you...
PC: (You nod.)
Ardon: (Ardon returns to his thoughts.)

Give it a few seconds, then talk to Ardon again.

Ardon: Well, if isn't you again. (Ardon smirks.) You have done good work and are now free for my services. Chief Kerritamba had heard of your exceptional work and has named you the Blood Hunter of the Kerritamba village. It is the highest regard of the Chief's appreciation for your work.
PC: Blood Hunter, hm? I like the sound of that.
Ardon: (Ardon smirks.) Yes, it suits you, doesn't it?

You have received the Badge: Kerritamba: Blood Hunter

If you try to talk to Ardon afterwards, he just tells you that he has no more work for you.

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