The Smuggler Leader

Level: 40



Tika Sileste (4797 5153), a Selonian near Nashal on Talus has a mission for you, since you are going to the smuggler's base near her cave on behalf of the den. The smuggler's are reliant on droids, and so if you could erase the behavioural matrices of the droids it would seriously hamper the smuggler's abilities.

  • First, go to the base (4293 4734) and kill smugglers (CL40) until you find one with a datapad and the codes to the main computer
/way green 4282 4782 Main Computer;

Slice it, erase the behavioural backups.

  • kill four Binary Load Lifter (CL30)
  • kill four Power Droid (CL30)
  • kill twelve Talusian Smuggler Guards (CL40)
  • kill four Talusian Smuggler Elite Guards (CL42

Finally, take down the smuggler leader, a cyborg monstrosity that patrols the grounds (CL40). Return to Tika when all foes are dead.

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