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This document contains the information necessary to craft an Exquisite Dancers's Leotard. You must be a Master Tailor to understand the intricate details in this document.
  • Schematic name: Exquisite Dancer's Leotard
  • Required Skill: Master Tailor
  • Location found: Jabba's Theme Park (now extinct item)
  • Number of Uses: 3
  • Ingredients: 60 hide, 3 identical trim, 2 identical jewelry settings, 50 metal, 3 identical synth, 2 identical synth, 20 mythra copper, 20 amorphous gemstone, 1 Crystalline Clothing Treatment
  • Stats: Dancing Mind Enhancement 5, Battle Fatigue Healing (Dancing) 5, Wound Healing (Dancing) 5
  • Appearance: Exotic Leotard.
  • Restrictions: Like the original Exotic Leotard, it's female only
  • Palette: Limited Palette, same as Exotic Leotard

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