Use of the /factionalHelper command will give Neutral players the ability to fight as mercenaries in the Galactic Civil War. Neutral players cannot accrue GCW points or ranks, but their PvP kills are now counted correctly as they are now permitted to become Special Forces and engage in large scale PvP. Players who are not aligned with either the Imperial or Rebel Factions can use this command to temporarily sign up for active duty and take part in the Game Update 15 content. This is currently limited to ground based PvE and PvP, Neutral Pilots can still align with either faction in the traditional manner during their training as a Freelance Pilot, and can use the Space Factional Commands.

Using the command browser, /factionalHelper slash command, a faction recruiter, an invading city General or a city defensive Field Commander NPC, gives players the ability to briefly join either faction as Combatant or Special Forces. Players cannot become Imperials or Rebels "on leave".

  • Confirmation of a change in status, takes one minute.
  • Players cannot switch faction for thirty minutes.
  • Players can switch between Combatant and Special Forces (within the same faction) as often as they choose.
  • The use of the /factionalHelper command gives players access to all PvE and PvP GCW content. Some NPCs (such as Recruiters) will converse with the players as if they are members of the faction, but others (such as certain quest givers) will not.
  • The player is given an number of different titles, to make it apparent to other players which side they are currently fighting for. There is currently no system in place to make it easily apparant to a player which side they are fighting for (apart from seeing factional players or NPCs as "targets"!)

Players can purchase Game Update 15 Rewards from factional recruiters when they are helping out a faction. If they are not currently acting as a mercenary they will recieve the same "would you like to help the Empire/Rebellion" message that they were seeing before the update.

To resign from being a Faction Helper, a player can do so by using the /factionHelper command for a second time and choosing the option to step down from their duties.

Available GCW ContentEdit

Unavailable GCW ContentEdit

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