Faction armor is a type of armor available characters who participate in the Galactic Civil War. Armorsmiths must purchase limited-use schematics from an Imperial recruiter or Rebel recruiter using faction points. The crafting process is the same as other armor, but uses the purchased appearance in place of crafted appearances. Faction armor can be worn while being a Combatant or Special Forces, but not while On Leave (see Faction Settings).

Faction armor
Assault armor Battle armor Reconnaissance armor

Added in as a GCW rank reward for making Major and then for making Lieutenant Colonel/Commander is a new set of superior faction armor. This armor is found in two varieties (A newer version of Rebel Assault Armor for Rebel players and the introduction of the first Stormtrooper Armor with shoulder pauldrons. The armor is able to be recolored with a kit craftable by Traders, with the Assault Armor being recolored and the Stormtrooper Armor being recolored either black or white or having the shoulder pauldron color changed.) Stats on this set are superior to most stat modded armor sets in the fact that it doesn't sacrifice armor values for superior mods.

Introduced in Chapter 6, a new set of Forest Camouflage Armor has been released as quest rewards for players completing the updated Rebel Themepark. The armor is split into three selectable types, a) Forest Camo Rebel Assault Armor (for most humanoid species in the game), b) Forest Camo Ithorian Defender Armor, c) and Forest Camo Kashyyykian Black Mountain Armor (for Wookiees). Each piece has three stat mods, amounting to 20 Precision, 15 Constitution, and 10 Luck per piece for a total of 180 Precision, 135 Constitution, and 90 Luck while wearing a full set. Armor Value Statistics are relatively average however, so it might work with non specific or assault armor expertise bonuses.

It is assumed that the Imperial Themepark will be rewarded with a similar armor suit as rewards for completing it's reworked quest system (possibly a reintroduction of Reinforced Stormtrooper Armor). Currently, the previous themepark's Insulated Ubese Armor Helmet is unattainable any longer. Players still in possession of said object will be delighted with the +25 Constitution and +25 Precision that have been added to the helmet as a re-attunement for the NGE.

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