Ranks a player can achieve in the Imperial and Rebel factions. The higher your rank, the better, rarer, and more interesting your loot will be from enemy faction NPCs (ie stormtroopers). To get a promotion, you must spend the required faction points. To show your faction rank in front of your avatar's name, go to the Character tab in the Communities window (P or Ctrl-P), and click on the box that reads "Show Faction Rank."

Rank TitleFP RequiredFP Cap at this Rank
Lance Corporal4008000
Staff Corporal120024000
Staff Sergeant200040000
Master Sergeant250050000
Warrant Officer II300060000
Warrant Officer I350070000
Second Lieutenant400080000
Lieutenant Colonel5500110000

Note: Once you reach the rank of Warrant Officer II, the patrols for your own faction no longer conduct Contraband Searches on you.

Revision: Post NGE, players are reporting having been stopped for Contraband Searches regardless of their rank. The faction loss for leaving the search is negligable.

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