Level: 27


  • 8965 Quest XP
  • 12687 credits
  • Planetary Positioning System (terrain negotiation buff)


Vance Groten sends you to speak to Kippy Martin(4321 -1251) who might still have her beacon, he claims.

As the story tells, Kippy is literally damaged in the head, and you may find her amusing, so it is recommended you read the dialogue for the comic relief.

When you find her, she asks you to kill 12 Starving Flewts (CL27). Once they’re dead, speak once again to Kippy, and she tells you she buried the beacon. (The rationale behind this action is quite amusing.) Return to Vance and ask him if he has any other ideas.

Vance will send you to Walker Luskeske(4992 -1503), speak with him. He will agree to trade hunting trophies for the beacon. So it's off hunting for you:

  • Kill 9 Mountain Spineflaps (CL27) (5390 -2402)
  • Kill Sprywing (CL28)
  • Kill 11 Narglatches (CL27) (4407 -1859) (Relics available)

Once they’re all dead, return to Walker. He hapily gives you his beacon - unfortunately it’s broken. He thinks Vance should be able to fix it, however. Cross your fingers and return to Vance to complete the quest.

Next: Do Vance Groten a Favor

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