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Level: 43

Reward: 23403 Quest XP

Head back up to the first level and begin your search for the virus.

Virus Location Edit

After slicing the biochemists terminal in A Better Life Through Genetics, you got an update on where the virus is. It was not very helpful. Only clue was that they were in supply cabinets. Hmmm... didn't we see some of those at (/way 88 -3502) (first floor, easy to miss at waypoint) Head on over there and click the cabinets until you get the virus.

/way purple 88 -3502 Supply Cabinets Floor 1;

Wonderful. Got our vial of Spider-Be-Gone® and we're ready to kill.

We've got to infect four mature eggs in every nursery.

Aurek Nursery Edit

This one is easy, after you get the virus walk to the next room on the left and hit up the four eggs in there. Piece of cake. Next victim!

Egg Waypoints:

/way purple 113 -3495 Aurek 1 FL1;
/way purple 104 -3489 Aurek 2 FL1;
/way purple 120 -3480 Aurek 3 FL1;
/way purple 127 -3479 Aurek 4 FL1;

Dorn Nursery Edit

This is the only other nursery on level 1. It is to the immediate right path from the entrance to the bunker (46 -3525). Same deal. Four eggs. Neeeext!

Egg Waypoints:

/way purple 46 -3525 Dorn 1 FL1;
/way purple 49 -3533 Dorn 2 FL1;
/way purple 47 -3541 Dorn 3 FL1;
/way purple 55 -3545 Dorn 4 FL1;

Besh Nursery Edit

Head on down to level 2 and run over to the room the biochemist's terminal was in (67 -3480). Done, done, done, done.

Egg Waypoints:

/way orange 65 -3480 Besh 1 FL2;
/way orange 60 -3469 Besh 2 FL2;
/way orange 63 -3462 Besh 3 FL2;
/way orange 53 -3461 Besh 4 FL2;

Cresh Nursery Edit

Now for the last nursery, head down to the lowest level and run back to the room with the Brood X's (43 -3508). I'm getting sick of spiders, aren't you?

Egg Waypoints:

/way green 30 -3517 Cresh 1 FL3;
/way green 40 -3496 Cresh 2 FL3;
/way green 59 -3501 Cresh 3 FL3;
/way green 46 -3518 Cresh 4 FL3;

The Queen Edit

After waxing the nurseries, the next task is to whack the Queen, who is conveniently in the next room. Kill her, then you are tasked with infecting the remaining eggs in the chamber. There are six.

Egg Waypoints:

/way green -43 -9 -3431 Queen 1;
/way green -31 -9 -3423 Queen 2;
/way green -66 -9 -3407 Queen 3;
/way green -38 -9 -3391 Queen 4;
/way green -24 -9 -3407 Queen 5;
/way green -19 -9 -3413 Queen 6;

Return to CorSec Agent Taarna in Nashal to finish up.

Following Quest: Genocide >>

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