This is the beginning of the first quest sequence a new character receives after finishing the New Character Tutorial. When you arrive at the starport in Mos Eisley on Tatooine, you are given a find path to Trehla Keelo, who gives you the quest. The tutorial system is still running during these quests so you will get lots of useful info to help learn the game.

Go to the Bank Terminal Edit

Trehla gives you some money and sends you to the bank to deposit it, placing a waypoint to it in your datapad. Deposit the money and come back.

Go to the Bazaar Terminal Edit

Trehla then gives you a paint dispersal unit to put up for sale on the bazaar and sends you off to learn how to do that. You need to at least go to the Bazaar Terminal at the given waypoint before returning to her.

Go to Mos Eisley's Cloning Facility Edit

Trehla sends you next to have your body scanned at the local Cloning Facility (she gives you the credits needed to have your body registered there). You should follow the waypoint to the facility and follow the instructions on using the Cloning Terminal.

Finishing this quest automatically starts the Taking up Arms quest.

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