Nos'lyn message

Nos'lyn tells you about the ruined village

Given as a mission upon inspecting the Force Crystal which is gained at Force Sensitive Fundamentals V. Nos'lyn, the Jedi from Tansarii Point Station, contacts you and gives you two missions in order to teach you about the living Force. He says you are now ready to truly begin to learn about The Force.

Lesson One: Harmony Edit

Nos'lyn instructs you to head out into the deserts of Tatooine, to a Force oasis at (-5532 -3834). It is surrounded by neutral (unattackable) animals and harmless creatures. Nos'lyn tells you that you should meditate here for tranquility, this is a place full of the Light Side of The Force, and even the animals can feel it.

Lesson Two: Anger Edit

Twisted village

The ruined village

Immediately following this, Nos'lyn tells you, "There's a ruined Tusken village that you need to visit. The anger is nearly palpable. No one has returned to settle there. Even the animals and the terrain changed. Be careful when you go there." The ruined village is at (-7574 -1814).

Once you arrive, he tells you that a deep act of anger took place here years ago, and the anger of the Dark Side twisted the animals. He asks you to put them out of their misery - but not in hatred. You must kill 10 of the Twisted Creatures, made up of:

  • Twisted Dewbacks (CL 12)
  • Twisted Rills (CL 11)
  • Twisted Womp Rats (CL 11)

Ending the Lessons Edit

Nos'lyn message2

Nos'lyn congratulates you

Once the Twisted Creatures are resting in peace, Nos'lyn reappears and says, "You did well. I hope you saw the significance of what The Force can do. If it can warp an area, imagine what it could do to someone who misused it. I sent a gift for you to a friend at Bestine." Now, travel to Bestine (Rebels, go off duty or you'll have to fight your way in and out) and speak with Sol Windtide (-1204 -3613). Sol gives you your reward:

Star Wars Lore Edit

The Ruined Tusken village which you must visit is, in all likelihood, the village that Anakin Skywalker destroyed in hatred in Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones.

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