Used by Alliance Pilots, Imperial Pilots and Freelance Pilots to store and execute Pilot Abilities. Crafted by Droid Engineers.

Used in all ships except Z-95 Headhunters,Y-wings,Y-wing Longprobes, Eta-2 Actis Interceptors, N-1 Starfighters, ARC-170s, X-wings and Advanced X-wings which instead use Astromech Droids.

Flight computersEdit

A "Flight Computer" is basically a portable ship/droid program storage device. There are 6 levels of Flight Computer, from "v1" to "v6".

The number shown on the Flight Computer you get/use will need to match your pilot profession's droid certification level (check your highest Droid branch skill box for that number).

Example: You are a Droid Cert. 3 in your chosen pilot profession, you can use up to a "v3 Flight Computer" with your ship. You would not be able to use Flight Computer 4-6 (till you have advanced).

Unprogrammed Droid Command Modules: These Droid Engineer-made parts are your key to programming droid commands, which you can use to make adjustments to your ship's systems during spaceflight. Basically, these are like blank floppy disks. Each one will hold one, and only one, droid program. Once it's has been programmed, it can not be reprogrammed. Once programmed with one of your earned pilot skills, you will then have a:

  • 'Burnt Chip: <Command Name>': This is a Droid Command Module in your main inventory that's been programmed with one of your pilot skill commands (see further below). You'll need to change this from an Inventory item into a 'Data' object by using the radial to "Transfer Memory Chip...".

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