A dance performed by an Entertainer requiring a moderate about of floorspace. The moves in the dance are based on dances performed in the movie Footloose (hence the name). Not very popular with many entertainers since the moves aren't all that interesting, but if choreographed well makes a decent fast paced dance.

Footloose (Dance)Edit

Obtained in: Entertainer >> Entertainer Fundamentals V
Effect: Simple, small area base movement.

Footloose 2 (Dance)Edit

Obtained in: Entertainer >> Entertainer Fundamentals VI
Effect: Adds a spin to the original base dance move.

Dance Card Edit

Flourish NumberTimingCatchword
113.0Arm Thrust
213.0Heel Touch
312.0Rain Dance
48.0Tush Scooch
66.0The Big X

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