Level: 37


Zorgom Z'all (-4707, -1873) and his wife Norith Z'all had to escape the Corellian Slaver Bunker without their daughter, Neeka Z'all. And they want you to rescue her. Go to the Corellian Slaver Bunker (-6406 -2141). It is useful to complete Incriminating Evidence in order to have access to all the levels of the bunker before you attempt this quest.

Once you arrive, go down to level two and speak with Gordo Zek (-6368 -1955). He tells you that she is on the lower levels, and you will need the access codes to get there. Go to the Administrator's Desk Terminal (-6430 -2081) and access it. The terminal does not have all the information you need, however. Kill three elite slaver guards (CL38) until you get a mission update message (look around, they are all over the place).

Now that you have the codes, you need to know where to use them. Return to Gordo (-6368 -1955) who might know. Actually, he doesn't... but he has an idea. Head over to (-6258 -2000) and use the Security Override Terminal. This will give you the girl's location. Now, to rescue her! She is scheduled for execution, and is being held on the lower level. Hurry to level three (elevator at -6300 -2028) and kill four prison guards. Then, find and talk to Neeka (-6313 -2107). Return to Zorgom Z'all at the camp for your reward.

/way -4707 -1873 Zorgom Z'al;

/way -6406 -2141 Corellian Slaver Bunker;

/way -6368 -1955 Gordo Zek;

/way -6430 -2081 Administrator's Desk Terminal;

/way -6258 -2000 Security Override Terminal;

/way -6300 -2028 Elevator to Level 3;

/way -6313 -2107 Neeka

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