"There's only one thang this war is good for, n' that's puttin' creds in our pockets." Zaren Sin, Captain of the Glaston Pirates

The Glaston Pirates are a small group of assorted beings led by the bounty hunter, Zaren Sin. The Glastons are involved in all sorts of shady business including mercenary work, information brokerage, Bounty Hunting, Smuggling, and of course space piracy. They have been known to work for both sides of the Galactic Civil War, but their only true loyalty lies with themselves.

They also have a few businesses that use as fronts such as a Shipyard and Droid Works.

History of the Glaston Pirates:

The Glastons first made a name for themselves by kidnapping, then Magnate of Vagabond's Rest, Davyn Gabriel. After extensive talks the Glastons, led by Stash Solstar, and the government of Vagabond's Rest made a treaty. The Glaston's were able to make Vagabond's Rest their home, under the condition that no member of the crew would commit any crimes inside Vagabond's Rest. The terms of this treaty stand to this day.

After a time, Captain Stash Solstar pasted leadership of the Glastons to Krom Voveo. Under Krom, the crew grew in number and notoriety through out the galaxy. Krom's leadership came to an end when he and a number of the crew disappeared while on a raid, their last known coordinates were on the border of the Unknown Regions of the galaxy.

After a time, the remaining members of the Glastons elected Zaren Sin as their new Captain.

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