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GSA is a Rebel Player Association on the Kettemoor Server. Headquartered in Riverbend, Naboo, GSA is charged with the city's security as well as the advancement of the Rebel cause in the region. GSA has faced two occupations of Riverbend by the Galactic Empire but has continued to strive for freedom on Naboo and throughout the galaxy.

History Edit

GSA was founded by Jarred and Darla McCallen. Jarred was eventually declared MIA shortly after GSA relocated to Riverbend. Colonel Darla McCallen reorganized the agency and assigned 3 other colonels to share leadership responsibilities. GSA quickly grew to be a formidable force in the struggle against the Empire under their leadership.

During 2007, the guild, CFA (PA), was accepted into the ranks of GSA. The city of Defiance, Talus, which had been the headquarters of CFA, had become an additional home for members of GSA.

As a result of the recent decline in server population on Kettemoor, GSA has also begun to establish itself in the Ahazi Galaxy.

Guild Organization Edit

GSA is organized in the following way, there is a Guild Leader and a Guild Council consisting of five people. The Guild Leader and three of the council persons are elected. Two of the council positions are appointed by the Guild Leader.

Here is the current leadership organization of GSA:

Eliana Darkstar, Kazurai Braga, Tsibo Ozomi, Javix Chase, Nevos Ferri, and Rockamus Maximus. GSA maintains a simple Code of Conduct that is very important to the guild and its members. This code of conduct is flexible and can be modified when needed. In the Kettemoor Galaxy, GSA has the 201st Flight Group. These are divided into the VF-88 'Marauder' and VF-69 'Sundowner' Squadrons. Currently the Group Captain is Deeve Runningwave.

    Community Edit

    The Kettemoor home of GSA is Riverbend, Naboo (0, 0). Currently, the Mayor of Riverbend is Sicee Tacaud. This is a Metropolis-sized city and has a shuttleport.

    Riverbend is also home to the Blue Frog Cantina.

    AKA: Galactic Security Agency

    GSA Forums

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