A Galactic Day is Star Wars Galaxies slang for a server day. This usually refers to a day according to their server's time. For example, if you are playing on a server that runs in San Francisco but you live on the east coast, there is a 3 hour time difference. The galactic day is anew when the server's time is midnight, not yours.

There are a number of SWG announcements and in-game messages that refer to a galactic day as the time frame for an event or change. They might use galactic days to explain how long the servers will be down for maintenance. The most common in-game message is the Bureaucratic COMPNOR messages one receives for completing a mission terminals. It refers to how many more times you're allowed an experience boost in that galactic day.

Galactic Day ChangesEdit

The Galactic Day usually resets at:

  • 12PM (noon) PDT
  • 2PM Central
  • 3PM EST
  • 8PM GMT

Variations due to Daylight Saving Times:

  • From November to April: 11am Pacific / 7pm GMT (once US clocks go back otherwise still 8pm GMT)
  • From April to November: 12pm Pacific / 8pm BST (once US clocks go forward otherwise still 7pm GMT)

Star Wars LoreEdit

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