Generic Garage in a Npc city

Parking Garages are structures that allow players to repair their vehicles. Most static cities have a garage within reasonable distance of their starport. Outposts usually do not have a garage, thus requiring adventurers to travel to another planet if their vehicle gets beat up on an advanced planet.

Repairing your vehicle requires no skill, only credits. The repair cost is directly proportional to the hitpoints damaged on the vehicle. Speederbikes require 4 credits per hitpoint. Landspeeders are a little cheaper to repair, and Swoops are a little more expensive. If your vehicle is at 0% condition it can't be repaired at a garage, either you have to buy a pricey vehicle restoration kit, get a new one, or if there's a bug that allows it to be fixed at a garage still, use that.

Mayors may place Player Garages in Player Cities. They funtion the same as garages in static cities. Mayors may add a tax to repair costs, increasing the fee by a certain percentage. This is to help offset the costs of maintaining the structure. This tax is working as intended, unlike other player city taxes.

Trader (Structures) can build player garages at Structure Expertise IV. There are three varieties, each suited for specific planets.

When disabled, the following vehicles can be fully restored at a Garage:

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